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You can reserve up to RMB 28,000 per order for mainland Chinese residents or RMB 5,000 per order for Other Residents online*. Minimum order is RMB 3,000. Commission is FREE when you place an order for Travel Money online.

** SAVE TIME & MONEY WHEN YOU RESERVE ONLINE! Our Online Exclusive Deals include:

  • No commissions or fees when your reserve online!
  • Best Travelex Exchange Rates Guaranteed when you reserve online! (Compared with other Travelex Exchange Rates in China)
  • No Payment is taken online! Quick & Easy reservation!
  • Your currency will be ready to pick up at your most convenient location and on the date you choose
  • We are the world’s leading foreign currency exchange specialist
  • Travelex Best Exchange Rates Guaranteed: When you reserve online, we give you our best available exchange rates compared with any other Travelex Exchange rates at stores throughout China.
  • Have rates changed since you ordered online? Don’t worry, our online customers always get our best available rates on their day of collecting their order. If the online or store rate is better, we will upgrade you to the best one

    Foreign Amount
    1 USD
    7.0552 CNY